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Saturday, August 06, 2016

Voice Over Training Live from the Studio

Yesterday whilst running my voice over training course, I had a play with Facebook's live broadcast facility. 

I set up the iPad and basically just pressed 'go live'. That was it - no fancy camera angles or polished post production editing, it was literally a warts and all, fly on the wall view of what goes on in the studio. 

Because it was a live transmission, there were no sneaky retakes - what you see is what you get, so please excuse the fact it is a bit rough around the edges.  Expect dodgy camera angles and shaky shots.

Initial feedback has by and large been positive and I feel it gives a really good insight into what to expect at a one-to-one VO session. 

The student is Brett Hood who was more than happy to have his session broadcast to the world. In fact he was a really good sport, given that this was his first time in a voice over studio; take a listen to his fully edited recordings and I am sure you will agree he sounds fantastic. 

Also many thanks to sound engineer Sophie who, along with Brett, was doing all the hard work and makes the occasional guest appearance on screen. 

I hope you enjoy watching and get a sense of what voice over recording is all about. 

Oh and a word of warning: it is 'real time' so this is a one hour snapshot of a three hour session. You will need plenty of stamina to get through the whole lot. 

Gary Terzza

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