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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Voice Over Competition: Let's Look At The Numbers


Hello, I hope you're in fine voice. Now I’ve spoken before about competition, but I want to drill down to some facts and figures and give you some perspective what the competition is like out there. Let's take a look at one particular pay-to-play site, Voice123. It's a voiceover marketplace in case you haven't come across it before, and it's probably one of the most popular along with Let's have a look at what you're up against.

Here we are then. This is the database at Voice123. Look at this number of people who are on there, 27,075. That's a huge number to compete with. But what happens when we refine the search. Let's say it's me and I'm just starting out, so British middle aged male, and perform voices for, well I'll do pretty much anything. You can see the categories there. I'm up for anything so anything there. Gender and age, well, I’m a middle aged male and I’m fluent in British so let's go down to British English. There's me. Part of the union. Well actually I'm equity member, but I'm going to pretend I'm starting out and I'm actually I'm not a union member at all so I'm going to leave that.

Then we've got the next bit which is name or profile contains the following words, so the following keywords. These are the important things that you describe your voice with. I'm going to say accurately my voice is conversational, which is how I sell myself, and I'm based in … Let's have a look. Great Britain. Let’s see where we are. I’m probably near United States and here we go, United Kingdom, which is where I’m based. Has at least no years of experience. I'm saying I'm starting out. Recording and delivering requirements. Well, actually it doesn't really matter so I’ll say doesn't matter.

Now look at that new figure, look at that there. Based on your new criteria go to the top, 80. You can see we've gone from over 27,000 people down to a mere 80 in my particular case. Obviously this does vary depending on your own gender, on your age, and the languages you speak as well. So well worth having a play on the Voice123 search database and just coming up maybe with a keyword or 2 for your own style as well. It’s quite fascinating to see what the competition is like in terms of sheer numbers. It's not as bad as you think. All right, thanks very much for watching today and take care of your voice. See you next time.

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