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Monday, November 23, 2015

No Experience? You Can STILL Get Voice Over Work

How can you break into the voice over business if you haven't any experience? It is the perennial chicken/egg dilemma and in this video I offer some simple solutions.

Here is the transcript:

How can you possibly get voice over work when you have no experience whatsoever? I'm about to show you in a few simple steps. I'm assuming for this that you've already made a show reel, you've had some training and you're ready to get started.

The first thing is to do is look as professional as possible. 

One of the ways to do this is to have a really good e-mail address. Don't put it this way round:, but rather use a specific domain that looks way better.I t is well worth buying one. You could have 

The other thing is to make your own web page. You can make a website relatively cheaply these days, you don't have to hire a professional and spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds. You can do that very professionally yourself from home. There are various sites you can do it on for a few pounds. Well worth doing that.

Who said you have no experience anyway? 

What about all the stuff you've done, maybe business presentations at work, you can highlight those. You had to use your voice for those. What about voice mails? I'm sure you do your own voicemail, perhaps you do other people's  as well. 

What about reading children's stories? I'm sure you've had to read to your children, your grandchildren or nephews and nieces and so on. There's lots of experience that you've got that you need to highlight. 

Offer your services for free just to get a testimonial back. 

You could approach a couple of clients or they could approach you and say "Look, I'm going to do this for free for you, but in exchange could you write me a rather nice reference and I could put that up on my website?" That's a great way to build up that experience and get that portfolio under your belt.

Be positive and confident about what you do. When you meet people and they say "Oh, what do you do for a living?", say "I am a voice over artist" or a voice actor. Don't say "Oh, I'm looking to get into voice overs." That's a really negative thing and sends out the wrong message. Be assured and confident in what you do and what you are.


Use social media, use the local papers and try and get local companies in. Also, try out those pay to play sites and those freelancer sites. I know they come in for a lot of stick but they really are worth investigating. Above all, be a business. There really are lots of steps you can take starting out in voice overs when you don't have any experience whatsoever. 

After all, you've got to start somewhere. 

Thanks very much for watching this video today and take care of your voice. See you next time.

Gary Terzza

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