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Friday, December 13, 2013

Local Voice Over Jobs: Do They Exist?

Ok so you have had some coaching, recorded your demo and now you are ready to hit the big wide voice over world. 

You have looked at the voice over marketplaces (sometimes called Pay to Play, or P2P) and created your online profile. You may have even contacted a voice over agent (probably without much success) and now you have hit a brick wall. What next? 

How about looking for voiceover work on your doorstep?

This may seem like a silly suggestion; surely all the voice over jobs are based in the big cities. Here in Britain that means London and possibly Manchester or Edinburgh. But what if you live in the bits in between?  Not everyone is  near a media metropolis.  You may be in Dorset, Belfast or Carlisle. Surely you are pretty limited?

Well, not necessarily. The voice over industry has expanded dramatically over the last few years, largely driven by technology and a fragmentation of broadcasting. Back in the mists of time (ie the early 1980s) there were just a handful of radio stations and four network TV channels. Recently there has been a proliferation of these stations (just count them up on your Sky or Freeview box). And something exciting is happening over the next few months. Many parts of the UK are getting local TV with a station in Grimsby (yes the place on the Humber) called Estuary TV now live.

Further parochial channels are planned for locations such as Middlesborough, Norwich, Scarborough, Nottingham, Preston, Leeds, Oxford and Southampton - If I've missed any, please let me know.

Now I am not saying all will require scores of voice actors, but it's worth contacting your nearest one and popping in for a chat or just sending your demo. These broadcasters may be small, but they will need voices for trailers, imaging and locally produced programmes.

But wait, there's more on your doorstep. Just try this - Google 'production companies' and then enter your town or county. It should look something like this (I've used Wiltshire as a random example):

This is just part of the first page and excludes ads. Amazing isn't it? All these media companies producing corporate videos, web audio content etc. They may not need your voice right now, but drop them a line with your demo and they may just put you on file. I am sure they will be delighted to know there is a voice talent just around the corner.

Oh and if you want to voice videogames and live near Dundee, you are in luck - it's the capital of the British gaming industry!

You never who is next door, so get knocking on those doors.

Gary Terzza runs a voice over master class in London, England.

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