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Friday, March 07, 2008

TESTIMONIALS details on request.

John Harley (Harrow) "Currently I'm netting about £600 - £800 per week. I am now the official voice artist at an Internet hosting company. A corporate presentation to be screened in Pakistan, a British animated film and a VO for a website... jobs started coming in immediately, just like you said!! Gary, I can't thank you enough!"

Jannine Church, (York) "I have just had my first job and got paid £1,100. So I've paid all my set up costs and I'm now in profit. Cheers Gary for pointing me in the right direction"

Lulu Dale (Reigate) "Just got 1st voice job today for property developers' video based in Belize. Thanks for helping me"

Chuksy Benamaisia (London) "A new Nigerian movie channel on Sky 331 has urgently offered me a voice over job. Thanks for everything."

Kathy Kennard (Grimsby) "Hi Gary, Just to let you know that I have done my first voice over job! It was for a corporate video for Ikea"

Sharon Grenham Toze (Wilstead, Beds) "I've earned over £800 in the last 3 months! thought you might like to hear from a satisfied customer/novice."

Jack Richardson (Wilts)
“ Your Master Class has certainly paid its way thus far. Just landed my first documentary, Hurrah! Also answer phones & corporate work, but I've done a couple of Europe wide TV ads favourite to date is the animated fly through of the new terminal at Delhi International Airport.!!”

Bob Skrakowski (Leicester) "Just to let you know that I have just completed my first paid job!.... it was a health education DVD on how to clean your teeth!"

Mandy Worrall (Guildford)
"Gary offers a back up service of advice for his Master class. What I did not expect was to be given a referral which resulted in my first paid voice over contract. Thanks Gary!"

Beth Mayoh (Dorset) "Hi Gary.....just to let you know the great news - I've just been booked for a pilot cartoon!! I've been accepted by two small it's all starting to happen; thank you so very much."

Cia Allan (Cheshire) "Just done work for a marketing DVD for a maker of Swiss watches and a New York TV company".

Laura Montemagno (London) "I just wanted to let you know that I've been offered that voiceover job from the ad you forwarded me! Thank you! I'm going into the studio this Thursday!"

David Jones (Farnham, Surrey)
"I have just received a job offer for a UK travel advert"

Louise Reichmann (Eel Pie Island) "So far I have done some work for a Bulgarian Hotel chain, a charity appeal on Berkshire radio and various audio messages for a technology company"

Deborah Sandford (Shepton Mallet, Somerset) "Doing your Master Class was one of the best things I did and this Voice Over business is great". Since attending, Deborah’s job credits include:Radio reading for a 'teaching English' radio programme; Greetings voicemail/message on hold; Narration; Documentaries & Jingles

Carina Grabois (Ealing) "After having my voice over masterclass with Gary, the feedback from the agencies I contacted was very good. As a result 2 agencies are representing me now and I had my first paid spot recently."

Christopher York (Dorset) "CNBC contacted me today to say that they really liked my demo and would I mind if they put me on their list of voice talent"

Ingrid Macpherson (West Sussex) "Can you believe I did get my first paid job! It was a voice message recording for a company in Toronto and believe it or not, I had to say 'have a great day' in an English accent!!"

John Clayton (Hampshire)
"….as a birthday present, my wife booked me up with Gary Terzza . Within a couple of weeks, I started to get my first few bites and they have kept on coming......thanks to Gary, I am now looking to get a home studio built due to demand."

NAOMI SMITH (London) “Just thought I'd let you know that I've done my first recording for a phone system in New York. The advice you provided was invaluable.”

Charlotte Jurd (Brighton) "Thank you so much for all your help and support last week. I have been receiving loads of audition requests .

Katrina Chamberlain (London) " Dear Gary, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help." Katrina's voice-over work includes:
*Video narration for
*John Legend promo for Living TV
*'Braun Multiquick' sponsorship for ITV
*Carlton Cinema continuity announcements
*Voicemail and on-hold messages for the Daily Mail Group

David Jones (Farham, Surrey)
"Very highly recommended course! "

Jane Latto (Oxford) "Hi Gary, the voice-overs are going great" Since attending the Masterclass, Jane has recorded :
*Corporate videos
*Website advertising
*TV promotional narration
*Interactive voice recordings

Nicola Adams, (Battersea)."I just wanted to say thanks so much for the session on Saturday. You really put me at my ease and as well as giving me great instruction, you made the afternoon such fun."

Clare Scott (Brighton)
"I have nothing but good things to say about Gary Terzza. I travelled to London to meet Gary in his studio and met his amazing technician too. His superb voiceover masterclass was exciting and enlightening . Gary is superb in his field and a great tutor."

Peter Halpin (Bedford) "I've just had my first professional, and paid, voice-over work! I recorded two radio adverts for a local station in Liverpool and also have a podcasting company interested in using my voice. Thank you so much for all your help along the way and I would never have made it anywhere without your masterclass and your support since"

Phil Dixon (Wolverhampton) "Just had an e-mail from a radio station in Leicester asking me if I could do regular work"

Liz Kershaw (Hertfordshire/Cambridgeshire) "After paying the studio, I still earned about £350 so very worthwhile!”

Lynne Ferguson (Glasgow) "Tomorrow, I record a 30-40 second advert which will be broadcast on 3 radio stations! Thanks for all your support - it will always be appreciated."

Cheryl McAvoy (London) now signed to leading voice agency Castaway.

Angela Shimmel (Birmingham) "Thank you very much for the Masterclass on Saturday. I admire your relaxed approach and professional ability. Have just been given a lead for 5 individual phone system messages".

Paul Ferguson (Kent)
"Hi Gary, a big thank you for Friday. It was really terrific and I really enjoyed it." Paul's voice-over credits include *Corporate narrations
*Documentary narrations
*Live radio news and information reads
*On-hold announcements

Sam Carbon (South London) "I have just recorded a VO for an American Private Charter company….I charged $125 – not a fortune, but a good start! "

Deborah Davies "the audio legal company are interested in using me - only 2 hours per month but it's a start and I was very pleased with my first efforts!”

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